Sarva Netrutva – A Leadership Training Program


About  Sarva Netrutva Program.

Sarva Netrutva is a 5 days residential leadership training program (Lead for Change) which is a unique initiative by Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, started in December 2009 and till date 41 programs has been conducted through which 2665 students from various colleges of KSV got benefited. Sarva Netrutva aims to bring holistic development of students which help them to become a noble citizen who contribute in nation building. The whole program works on transforming society through changes in individual and relationships, starting with their own life. It helps in inculcate good habits and develop the leadership qualities with an aim to provide social services to the society/nation. Thus “Nation Building through Character Building is a main motto of the program.”

With the effective use of Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Group Task, Games, Learning from films, Role Plays, Interaction with unsung heroes, field (Social) visit and many leadership processes this training invokes attitude of service, brotherhood and responsibility toward society/nation in the participants.

Through various activities it nurtures skills like public speaking, mass motivation, life skills, problem solving skill, team building, time management etc in participants. It increases confidence in the youth, thus this program helps the participants in overall development of leadership skills. For continuous learning, university schedule Sarva Netrutva Follow Up session to charge their minds and to motivate students on regular basis.

Objectives of Sarva Netrutva Program

  1. To enhance the hidden leadership skills among the students.
  2. To build up moral and ethical values in the students.
  3. To make them well behaved and responsible citizen of the country.
  4. To build their time management skills, punctuality, self confidence, communication skills, holistic and positive thinking.
  5. To helps the students in goal setting and to achieve it.
  6. To make them aware about the problems of society and make them aware how to overcome.
  7. To unleash their potential.
  8. To make them visualize how to put their learning into actions, how to build a team and work with them.


Who can participate?

This program is a practical and intensive program for energetic, self-starting young generation, who are ready to engage deeply to change oneself, live with integrity and want to bring positive change in society.  It is exclusively design for students who have enrolled themselves in any college affiliated to Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalay. The whole program of 5 days is conducted free of cost for the students.

Note: Coming back from training program, voluntarily student’s starts working on various service projects for the upliftment of the society. More than 20 projects are going on. Few projects are given below.


Project 1 – Healthy Campus

  • The primary objective of this project is to organize the awareness and education events in education institutes on
  • Healthy Living & Life Style Modifications
  • Awareness on Organ Donation and Prevention of Organ Failure.
  • Education on Drug Abuse, its addiction and prevention.
  • Smoking cessation program
  • De-addiction to social networking sites.
  • Stress Management and aid the youth to overcome breakup / broken relationships.
  • Concentration enchainment and self-esteem development.

Achievement: Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya got best university award for contributing in Healthy Campus Meet -2018 organised by Narcotics Control Bureau in whole Gujarat.


Project 2 – Right to Food   (Stop Food Wasting)

The main objectives of these projects are as follow:

  • Spread awareness for ‘Value of Food’ to aware people about the valuable efforts made by farmers and other process go through until it serves in our dish.
  • Reduce food waste in mass gatherings like hostels, marriage and social functions.
  • Ultimately contribute little effort in making “Hunger Free World.”


Project 3 – Keep Smiling – “The Happy India”

Under this project, leaders of Sarva Netrutva use to spread happiness among patients in the various hospitals as well as with Old age Home, with Deaf and Dumb children etc…. They spare their valuable time with them to make them happy by compassionate clowning. They use to become joker to make them laugh.


Project 4 – Choti Choti Khushiya

Under this project participant of Sarva Netrutva teaches to slum children’s every fortnight for one and half hour.


Project 5 – Mission Pollution Free Diwali

Under this project participants of Sarva Netrutva conducted various programs in various schools to bring awareness for celebrating Diwali without fire crackers to avoid Noise Pollution and Air Pollution in the society.


Project 6 – Mission Safe Sky

Uttarayan is a very popular festival celebrated by people of Gujarat. At the time of flying kites by people many birds died due to sharp threads, so Sarva Netrutva participants try to bring awareness to save bird as well as to avoid flying kites between 6:00 am to 9:00 and from 5:00pm to 7:00 by various campaigns.


Project 7 – Swachhta Na Pagle (A Step toward Cleanliness)

This project was initiated with an object to spread cleanliness awareness among the villages of Lavarpur. Continuously SN leaders have worked for more than 4 years to fulfill the object.


Project 8 – Be a Life Saver

Since last four years, SN leaders use to reamin stand by on the declaration of result of Standards 10th and 12th on suicide points of Gandhinagar district where till date they have saved 4 life.


Above all there are many other projects like on which SN leaders are working like Project Muskaan, Unique celebration of New Year with unprivileged people, Cleanliness, Importance of Parents, Tour of Happiness,  Vadil Vandana, Mission Pad for Women, Mission Plastic Free and many more

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