SMMPISR, Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya always provide learning and growing environment to all their students during the academic sessions. For the advancements of in the learning the KSV used to provide a suitable platform for the students by conducting the experts talk within the syllabus of the specific course at undergraduate and Post Graduate level in all discipline of the sciences. In a very healthy and transparent way we have decided to conduct at least 20% of the academic syllabus of each course through specific expert faculty a particular subject or topic. The students as well as the faculty members get an opportunity for learning and gaining the knowledge from the expert a particular topic. This expenditure for organizing the experts talk from the expert faculty is completely financed by the KSV management and student welfare fund. The students and faculty inetrest was also achieved by our college for this expert talk and we fin d it more valuable in terms of knowledge sharing and gaining.

Expert Names

Institute Name /  Industry Name


Mr. Ashwin V. Parikh Managing Director of International Business Development Success strategies for students self-image focused
Dr. Parth Javeri Associate Professor, Gujarat University History of Microbiology
Dr. Umesh Tarpade Assistant Professor,  Govt. Science College, Gujarat University Molecular Symmetry
Named Reactions
Dr. Dipen Gandhi Assistant Professor , Gujarat University Electrophoresis
Dr. Rakesh Ameta CSIR Pool Scientist, Central University of Gujarat Stereo chemistry and VSEPR theory
Dr. Umesh Singh Assistant Professor, Gujarat University Stereochemistry
Pericyclic Reactions
Named Reactions
Dr. Mallikaben Sanyal Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, St. Xavier’s college, ahmedabad, Electrochemistry
Dr. Sanjay Shah Principal, Shri U.P. Arts, Smt.M.G. Panchal Science & Shri V.L. Shah Commerce College, Pilvai Molecular Spectroscopy
Dr. Ankur Trivedi   Industrial Application of Chemical compounds
Dr. Piyush Vyas Principal, Department of Chemistry,Sheth MN Science College, Patan, Gujarat, Molecular Symmetry
Dr. Purvesh Shah Assistant Professor,

K.K.Shah Jarodvala Science College, Ahmedabad

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Dr. Pranav Srivastava Professor, Department of Chemistry,

School of sciences, Ahmedabad

Analytical Chemistry
Mr. Chinmay Joshi Microbiology Department, Ahmedabad History of Microbiology
Expert Names Institute Name /  Industry Name Topic
Mr. Devashish Mehta Microbiology Department, Ahmedabad Steroid Hormones
Ms. Pooja Bavda Assistant Professor, Gujarat University ‘The Verger’ and ‘Prepositions’
Mr. Ajay Sing Borosil, Ahmedabad Handling of Glasswares
Dr. Kalavati Prajapati Assistant Professor, HVHP Institute of Post Graduate Studies & Research, Kadi Fermentation technology
Dr. Noopur goyal Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, M.G. Science Institute, Ahmedabad, Molecular biology
Dr. Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor, Ahmedabad Nuclear Chemistry
Dr. Jayraj Yadav Shanku Pharama, Mehsana Recent tread in Pharma Industries
Dr. Dipen Gandhi Assistant Professor , Gujarat University Seminar on Lab Ethics
Dr. Parth Zaveri Microbiology Department, Ahmedabad History of Microbiology