Coordinator Name: Ms. Shruti Shukla and Dr. Bharati Patel

The prime role of Women Entrepreneur Cell (WEC) of the institute is to deal in identifying and grouping female and male students into their interest area of entrepreneurship and professional career, organizing awareness camps for entrepreneurship, arranging short term training for skill development programmes for students and arranging workshops and seminars for women entrepreneurship on continuous basis.

Events/Activities and Participant Details:

  1. Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp Expert Talk: – Mr. Mukesh Nayak
  • He is a successful entrepreneur who shared his heart touching life story to motivate students.
  • He explained his own experience about business. He also introduced his magazine “Physiotimes”.
  • He also explained do and don’ts to be successful entrepreneur.
  1. Expert: – Mr. Ankit Macchar
  • He has given idea of product designing.
  • Students were given task regarding product designing
  1. Expert: – Prof. Kruti Patel
  • She has given information regarding leadership.
  • Different quality of leaders, Students have performed tasks to find out the type of leader they are.
  • Explain the importance of team work and the problem which is usually faced by team through activity.
  • She has given task to the student, so that student can learn how to market a product.
  • In this session students were given activity to prepare a video of 3 minutes of some present entrepreneur so that they can learn the difficulties observed during different stages of business.
  1. Expert: – Dr. Shivani Patel
  • In this session students were given activity in which they were given Rs.50, by using it they were to design a business strategy, purchase the product and sell and generate profitable revenue.
  1. Group Photo of event: No of students participated: 75 students
  1. Industrial visit: IFFCO

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited, also known as IFFCO, is a small scale fertiliser co-operative federation based in India which is registered as a Multistate Cooperative Society.

IFFCO has 40,000 member cooperatives.

IFFCO has been ranked 37 in top companies in India in 2011 by Fortune India 500 list.

  1. Screening for 21 days training program:
  • At institute level 9 candidates were selected out of 200 students
  • At university level three students were selected
Shlok Panchiwala Prathiv Patel Nijesh Baraiya


  1. Leaders of E cell

We have sent 7students to take training to become leaders of E cell of Learnwise Wadhwani Foundation.


Varsha Narsigani Pratik Patel Vishal Patel Riddhish Patel Premal Patel Dadhichi Gor Dixu Jayswal


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