About Life Science Department

Lifescience is a branch of science that study living things are referred to as the life sciences. A scientist who works in the life sciences would be interested in learning more about plants, animals, human beings or even tiny microscopic organisms. Biology is the foundation of the life sciences. It’s defined as the study of life and how living things survive and change. Because biology covers so many aspects important to life, many scientists consider biology and life sciences to be synonymous terms.

  • Under heading of lifescience, our college runs three course i.e. B.Sc and M.Sc microbiology, B.Sc, M.Sc and Phdbiotechnolody and M.Sc botany.
  • The department was established in 2007and we have 17faculty members of various disciplines.
  • The faculty has been undertaking research projects sponsored by various national agencies such AsGSBTM, GUJCOSTUGC, DST, etc.
  • The research work involves the probing various aspects of Enviroment microbiology, medical biotechnology, Bioinformatics and many more.

List of instrument

UV and Visible Spectrophotometer, pH meter, Oven, Magnetic Stirrer, Autoclave and Microscope, BOD incubatory, Rotatory Incubator, Fermentor, Bioinformatics laboratory, Laminar air flow.

About Microbiology/Biotechnology Laboratory

We have four laboratories which has capacity of more than 200 students.

About Plant tissue culture laboratory

We have one laboratory for plant tissue culture.