About Placement Cell (Industry – Interaction Cell)

Placement Coordinator Name: Dr.Tarun Patel,   Ms. Shruti Shukla & Dr. Rizwan Ghuamara

Brief Introduction:

We deem student placement key element of our institute motive. Last two year SMPIS sector 23 arrange more than thirty five campus derive in premises. Augment employment for undergraduate and post graduate student of Chemistry.  Total more than 300 student got job by our institute assistance or fulfillment bright career in various National and multination reputed Pharma, Chemical, Dyes, Polymer, Paints, CRO, Clinical Research, Industries and Analysis Instrumental Laboratory, Student got 1.9 to 2.7 lack per annum salary.  Perpetually We organized manifold sort of training for our student such soft skill, pri-placement training, how to make resume, Personality development like activates done by Placement cell. Each campus interview detail mention below summary sheet and rest of more information in Portfolio file with respective feedback from.

Placement Details

Name of the Company Which Visited for the Campus interview No. of Students

who were selected

Package offered by company


Ratnamani Heath Care Ltd(Chatral) 30 1.50 lack
AculifePharma (Sanand) 17 1.90 lack
Alembic Pharma Ltd (Baroda) 16 (BSc) 2.20 lack
TroikkPharma (Ahemdabad) 9 2.20lack
Hi-Tch Heath Care ltd(Ahemdabad) 12 1.25 lack
Om Research Laboratory 12 1.20 lack
SankuPharma ltd( satej) 3 1.60 lack
Mascot Reserch center (Vatava) 9 1.60 lack
Accurate Research laboratory(Ahe)d 12 1.25 lack
AnasaysResrch Center 10 1.40 lack
Torrent Pharma ltd ( Ahemdabad) 6 2.20 lack
GayatriPharma ltd 3 1.40 lack
Asian Paints 3 4.20 lack
O2h heath care(Changodar) 1 1.40 lack
Torrent Pharma ltd (Indarad) 6 2.20 lack
MedkartPharma 9 1.25 lack
SyncronReserch Center 3 1.40 lack
MacurePharmaNaroda 8 1.40 lack
flourish food india ltd 9 1.40 lack
Alambicpharama(Halaol) 2 (MSc) 2.80 lack
Veeda Clinical reserch 6 1.80 lack
Swiss Pharma 3 1.20 lack